Sunday, 22 September 2019

Churches in Lucca

I am sorry I am VERY late.....

I spent a week in Tuscany recently and stayed in the lovely city of Lucca ( I highly recommend it)

The amazing church of San Michele in Foro

The Duomo

Lucca  has a complete set of medieval walls that you can walk along. Here is the Duomo from the city walls....

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Lincolnshire & Oakham

I recently spent a few days in Lincolnshire with a trip to Oakham thrown in !

Belton House is one of the trusts more visited properties and the car park is always heaving and today was no exception. The house is recognisable if you've seen an adaptation of Pride & Prejudice and it was built between 1685 and 1688. It has lovely gardens and nice walks with lakes. I will admit it is one of my favourite properties.

I hadn't been to Grimsthorpe Castle in about 10 years so I had to visit. There was originally a small castle on the site, what you see is a Tudor core with a redesign by John Vanburgh.

Oakham is a nice small market town. It contains a very fine church

and a "castle".  Oakham Castle is actually the great hall of a fortified manor. Tradition states that peers of the realm should forfeit a horseshoe to the Lord of the Manor of Oakham on their first visit to the town. There are 230 now the oldest was presented by Edward IV in 1470

This post office caught my eye... very old fashioned.

Another of my favourite National Trust properties is Gunby Hall.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019


I have just spent a lovely week in Yorkshire so a few of the places I visited.

Sutton Park

Castle Howard.... 

Helmsley Castle

Byland Abbey 

Fountains Abbey

Nostell Park

Wentworth Castle

Thursday, 23 May 2019


Mousehole is a village and fishing port on the way from Penzance to Land's End. Whereas some coastal villages have become way too commercialised Mousehole has managed to retain its character and charm.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Venice by boat

I am late..... if there is anyone out there I am sorry..... Real life has gotten in the way.

I went to Venice in March. March is a decent time to go as it is not too crowded (its Venice there are people) and you have a chance of good weather. I was rather lucky weather wise.

Although Venice is not my favourite city it is definitely a fascinating one.... the lack of cars makes it fairly unique. It is great to just wander and it is also good to just hop on a water bus and tour the grand canal and see the sights.

And no I have never gotten a gondola ride !

After looking around the Rialto Market (if you like sea food) I got on the bus

Coming to San Marco

 Basilica Salute

From San Marco I got the boat to San Giorgio here is the view from the tower

Not the greatest picture but it is a classic Venetian view! 

San Giorgio in the distance