Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Essex Churches

Well happy new year! I hope you've had a good Christmas and New Year.

Other than being at work I've spent the holidays with my Dad. Its been a quiet period and I have visit a number of Essex churches which I'll share here

This is Berechurch in the care of the excellent Churches Conservation Trust. The church (now known as Audley House) is used as offices but the chancel is still consecrated.

The village of Willingale is fairly close to where I live. It is unusual in have two churches in the same churchyard. Willingale was once two parishes, Willingale Doe and Spain. No one really knows why although the most logical one is that the orginal church was built by Harvey D'Espania (Willingale Spain) and in the 14th century the increase in the Wool trade meant that the church was too small and a new one was built by the D'ou family (Willingale Doe) who had come to live in Willingale. The churches were separated until 1929 with two rectors. Today St Andrew (Spain) is redundant and in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust

 This is St Christopher's with which St Andrew's shares its churchyard.

It was a dull day when I visited Finchingfield and Thaxted.

St John the Baptist, Finchinfield.

St John the Baptist, Thaxted.

St Mary, Little Easton

St Mary, Little Sampford.

Saturday, 15 December 2018


I went to the town of Southwold last October.

Now I like Southwold. It feels a lot like and old fashioned seaside town. It generally has escaped the big brands coming into it (I was surprised to find a Costa), there are a couple of kiosks along the front that look decent cafes. I accept it is a little up market but it feels different and I approve of that.

St Edmund's church... well worth a visit! 

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Kilburn and St Augustine's Church

I went to Kilburn yesterday to visit J L Pearson's gothic revival masterpiece church St Augustine's.

I was also impressed with Kilburn Park Underground station

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Kedleston Hall

Kedleston Hall was built by Robert Adam for the Curzon family who have owned the estate since the 13th century in 1759.

It's a lovely place for a walk and to sit and watch the world go by.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

The West Coast of Gernsuey

I do like the west coast of Guernsey, it's easy to get about (the south coast is harder to get at...) and has some lovely views and historic buildings.

On my first full day I wandered to the west and Roquaine bay..

The view to Fort Pezeries

Fort Grey - now restored and an interesting museum about the shipwrecks on the west coast.

Rousse Tower

 Le Trepied a passage grave which is 4500 years old.

Les Caches farmhouse

This is the view back from the L'Eree battery to Fort Sausmarez.

Fort Grey again