Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Venice by boat

I am late..... if there is anyone out there I am sorry..... Real life has gotten in the way.

I went to Venice in March. March is a decent time to go as it is not too crowded (its Venice there are people) and you have a chance of good weather. I was rather lucky weather wise.

Although Venice is not my favourite city it is definitely a fascinating one.... the lack of cars makes it fairly unique. It is great to just wander and it is also good to just hop on a water bus and tour the grand canal and see the sights.

And no I have never gotten a gondola ride !

After looking around the Rialto Market (if you like sea food) I got on the bus

Coming to San Marco

 Basilica Salute

From San Marco I got the boat to San Giorgio here is the view from the tower

Not the greatest picture but it is a classic Venetian view! 

San Giorgio in the distance

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Kentwell Hall

I'm not good at posting am I!

I went to Kentwell Hall yesterday.

Kentwell is a Tudor Stately house in the village of Long Melford in Suffolk. For a relatively small place Long Melford contains two fine historic houses and one of the best Parish Churches in the country!

Kentwell, or at least most of what we see, was built by members of the Clopton family (there is a Clopton who was at Agincourt buried in the church). The house was bought by the Phillips family in 1971, the house was in considerable disrepair. The family opened the house to the public to fund restoration and repairs. Kentwell is famed for its recreations of Tudor life that are held several times a year.

Yesterday the house was open for Lambing (there is a farm with rare breeds).

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Flatford Mill

One of my favourite places to visit is Flatford Mill in North West Essex.

It is where John Constable painted the haywain and home of a very fine National Trust tea room. The walk along the river from Flatford Mill to Dedham on a spring day is heavenly....