Sunday, 23 June 2013


Gosh all this flitting about on public transport in a foreign country !! This from the man who was nervous of travelling abroad !

We got the train to Spello A delightful hillside town with a lovely set of nuns at the top of the town.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


My trips abroad have seen me stick closely to the city I flew to.

Perugia isn't big enough to spend more than a  few days in so we got the bus!! to Assisi. Bit nerve wracking when the bus driver did a u-turn because he had forgotten his route included the airport......

Piazza del Commune

 Basilica di San Francesco

 Looking towards the Basilica di Santa Chiara

 The Duomo of San Rufino

This is not in Assisi. It's  the Basilica San Domenico back in Perugia as seen from the room!

A lovely place Assisi.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Wow has it really been a month?

Anyway I've had a holiday in Perugia/Umbria.

Today will be some images from Perugia. The city is relatively small and I guess not so well known from a tourism perspective.....

Perugia is on a hill and my hotel at the bottom (which was handy for buses for day trips). Luckily it has a wonderful system of escalators which meant I was able to get into town in 8-9 minutes with literally no effort!

The views from up top are rather impressive.

This is the main door of Palazzo dei Priori. The door is magnificent as is the building. This door leads in to the Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria. A stunning museum and a nice size as well!Other doors lead to the Sala dei Notari (the Lawyer's meeting Hall), the Collegio del Cambio (Guild of Moneychangers) and Il Collegio della Mercanzia (Merchant's guild). Definitely worth a visit.

The Duomo of San Rufino

Fontana Maggiore

Looking back at the Palazza dei Priori

Etruscan arch

The small building on the left is the Oratorio di San Bernardino. Well worth a visit.

The Piazza Italia (this is where the escalators emerge).

and in front of you from the escalator exit you see the Corsa Vannucci towards the Duomo.

Trish - note the typical pose

Your blogger who may have imbibed a glass of vino

And hopefully coming soon is a visit to Assisi!