Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Black & White in Black & White

The North West of England is noted for its black & white timbered halls.

Little Morton Hall is a half timbered moated manor house parts of which date to 1504. It was built upon by the Moreton family until 1610. The floors are totally uneven and makes you  think you had drunk too much!!  There is little original furniture in the house but it is a fascinating building to walk around. The gardens were long abandoned and the NT have replanted in a Tudor style.

Speke Hall was selected as one of approx 20 houses to get 5 stars in Simon Jenkins 1000 best houses and is one of the few I had never visited.

Speke was started in 1530 and is a wood framed wattle and daub Tudor building. Whereas Little Moreton is untouched at Speke the Victorians had their way.