Monday, 8 April 2013

I'm in the Eternal City!!!

Rome I'm in Rome! The Eternal City. There maybe more evocative cities but certainly not in Europe.

The flight was great, views of the Alps and when you come into Rome you get superb views of St Peters and the Colosseum.

My friend Trish does not like flying so she was pleased to see this....

The alps

The first view of Rome

We managed to get into our Hotel early so dropped bags and then out......

We were right next to the Colosseum

Who says the Roman Empire is dead.

Lots of these about

The Victor Emanuelle Monument

The iconic Trevi fountain..... lots of people!

As I said to Caesar

The Spanish Steps were a tadge busy! 

Thi church is where the first act of Tosca is set.

Trajan's market

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Tricia said...

Always good to see the wing attached to the plane... ;)