Monday, 29 July 2013

Stephandom, Stadtpark, Belvedere and the Karlskirche

And so to my latest trip to distant shores. Oh well it was my first trip to Vienna. We arrived late afternoon and enjoyed a walk through central Vienna and had an enjoyable meal at the Cafe Mozart of typical Austrian fare such as Tafelspitz.

The next day we headed out early our first stop the Stephansdom

We headed into the Stadtpark which has a number of memorials to Classical composers. All the greats of the Austro-German core repetoire have a memorial somewhere.

Concert House

 The liberation memorial. I never think of Austria being occupied after 1945.... but it was until 1955.

The Belvedere summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy

Tne Musikverein home to the Vienna Philharmonic

Oh look Henry Moore

The Karlskirche (the photos inside look better in colour :) )

Trish in typical pose

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