Sunday, 14 February 2016

Audley End

Today was cold as was yesterday but whereas yesterday was dull, grey and wet today was dry and sunny! I headed to Audley End which is somewhere I often go to on a Sunday afternoon!

Although Audley is a magnificent house what you see today is only about a third of what it once was! It was effectively a palace

It has a very fine walled garden, which has lots of old varieties of fruit trees. Work is being done in part of it and it is being replanted, it will be interesting to see how this works out! 

The Elysian Garden....

This is my fave tree....... whenever there is a big storm I like to be reassured it is still there.... it has its own support!


Midmarsh John said...

I love the shapes found in old trees and often think they show better in black and white without colour to distract and draw attention to small sections.

quacks said...

I tend to agree.... they are very architectural without the leaves.