Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Venice by boat

I am late..... if there is anyone out there I am sorry..... Real life has gotten in the way.

I went to Venice in March. March is a decent time to go as it is not too crowded (its Venice there are people) and you have a chance of good weather. I was rather lucky weather wise.

Although Venice is not my favourite city it is definitely a fascinating one.... the lack of cars makes it fairly unique. It is great to just wander and it is also good to just hop on a water bus and tour the grand canal and see the sights.

And no I have never gotten a gondola ride !

After looking around the Rialto Market (if you like sea food) I got on the bus

Coming to San Marco

 Basilica Salute

From San Marco I got the boat to San Giorgio here is the view from the tower

Not the greatest picture but it is a classic Venetian view! 

San Giorgio in the distance


Dave said...

Very enjoyable. I've never been but your pictures do it proud.

quacks said...

thank you Dave..... it is definitely worth a visit!

Roy Norris said...

Wonderful set Pete. B and W really brings out the detail with buildings.

quacks said...

cheers Dave, Venice is the star here ;)