Monday, 20 February 2012

Still in Norfolk

Well we stil in Norfolk this time we're visiting Fakenham and Houghton Hall

Fakenham Church

There is a nice market at Fakenham and when I'm there in May I'll take some pics.

Houghton Hall was the home of Robert Walpole our first Prime Minister...... it's grand!

impresive stables eh

The church in the grounds. The village was moved to make way for the House.

The ghost in the woods.... Houghton's white deer.

The walled garden is fabulous....

Dad looks wistful. He had been telling me about the first few days of the blitz when he lived in the East End....


Ragged Robin said...

I love the stained glass window photo Pete - the bandw I think works well. Lovely picture of your dad.

quacks said...

cheers RR

curiously the glass works - surprised me!

One of my faves of dad.